Learning to ride a unicycle

learning how to rideĀ a unicycle is quite difficult and takes a lot of patience and practice but should be perfectly learnable in a couple of days with lots of practice.

Before you start…

Remember when you first learnt to ride a regular bike? At first it felt like you would never be able to do it and eventually it begins to get easier with less collisions and less tumbles! Well learning to ride a unicycle is a very similar experience.

We recommend that you purchase a good quality unicycle and one that is the right wheel-size for you and that the seat is set to the right height – We will cover this in a related article.

Safety equipment…

One piece of advice that should be heeded here is that safety equipment is highly recommended – especially when first learning to ride your unicycle. You will undoubtedly have a lot of scrapes, tumbles and collisions and as such it is recommended that you wear a suitable helmet, gloves and knee and elbow pads as a minimum.

Your first steps…

Firstly it is recommended that you lean against a wall or fence or maybe a friend when getting onto the unicycle. You could even use a walking stick or adjustable pole if you prefer and this will negate the need to be propped up against anything. Just as long as you have a clear path in front of you and no obstacles in your path that could potentially cause a hazard and result in you falling off.

The next step is to ensure that your unicycle is upright and the pedals are in a good starting position. Begin with the pedals aligned vertically with the pedal on the side of your weakest leg down towards the floor and the pedal on the side of your strongest leg in the upright position. Then put your weakest leg on the pedal that should now be in the lowest possible position and throw your other leg over the unicycle and sit down on the saddle whilst holding on to either the wall, fence, stick etc.

Lift your other leg now up onto the upper most peddle and whilst still holding on to your support, just practice moving the unicycle backwards and forwards in small slow movements at first, just to get the feel of how the pedals affect the unicycle and to start to get a feel for how this affects your balance.

Once you feel confident enough, you can begin to take your first unsupported ride. You should expect to fall off a few times which is why the protective clothing is essential here. Gradually you will get more confident and you will be able to ride for longer periods without falling off. Before you know it you will be riding with style!

Learn how to ride a unicycle
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Learn how to ride a unicycle
Learning to ride a unicycle takes a lot of patience and practice and in this article we show you how you can learn how to master the art!
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